Monday, March 15, 2010

A quick update

WOW...........where to start. Let's see, we moved to base housing beginning of January. Steve went to California for training for work for a month. During that time, it was a very hard month. Mostly with the dog Jazmine. She was sick off n on. Steve was home a couple weeks, then had to go to Louisanna for a week for another work trip. He gets back from a work trip and has to play catch up at work. So we haven't really had time to get more unpacked. (Just the basic has been unpacked.) Steve is now in charge of a Auction that is on March 27. I am off to volunteer at TJ's school. I will have to write more later.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Moved to base house

We moved into our base house on January 5, 2010. Here is our info:

Christina, Steve & Trevor Barosko
114 Summit Drive
Minot AFB, ND 58704

(701) 509-4936 Christina (NEW) cell #
(703) 785-1620 Steve cell #
(701) 509-4935 Trevor (NEW) cell #
(701) 240-2063 Steve work cell # Christina e-mail Steve e-mail Trevor e-mail

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

our new nephew Elijah

New nephew!!!!
Elijah Alessandro Rueda
born: Tuesday, December 2, 2009
time: 1:21 a.m.
weight: 8 lbs 11 oz
height: 21 inches long
parents: Kara & Ricky Rueda

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Trevor's first quarter report card

Trevor had his best report card ever.
2 - B's & the rest A's.
We are so proud of him. Way to go Trevor. He improve his reading too. Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trevor cell phone

Trevor lost his cell phone sometime on Monday, October 26. We didn't notice till like 8:45 p.m. Monday night. We look all though his backpack, no phone. Steve & Christina both looked though Steve's car. Christina call Trevor's cell, it rang & rang and rang then it went to voice mail. Steve called too, it did the same thing. Tuesday when Steve took Trevor to youth center before school care, they look though Trevor's locker at the youth center. Not in there. Monday night Steve had took Trevor back to his office to get homework done before cub scout meeting. Steve checked his office, no cell phone. He called the phone, this time it wasn't on, it went right to voice mail. Later that morning Christina & Steve went to a winter meeting on base. We both tried calling the phone then. Still not on, went right to voice mail. So we thought ok maybe the battery died. After the meeting Christina went to school and talked to the sectary. No phone had been turned in. But she would be on lookout for it. Christina looked though lost & found. I found a sweatshirt Trevor had lost. LOL. I went to his class & look though where they keep there backpacks. I talked to Trevor's teacher, so she knew. Later that afternoon I was on IM with my friend Amy who lives in Virginia. She was like did you get Trevor's cell phone back. I am like how did you know Trevor lost it. I hadn't even told her about it. They had call her house & left a answer machine message saying the youth center had Trevor Barosko's cell phone. I was trying to figure out why they called her. Then I thought oh ok her son name is Brendan (Trevor's friend). The contacts are in ABC order. Maybe she turn on Trevor's cell phone & call the first number on his list. I called Steve and told him. When Steve picked up Trevor after school he asked about the phone. At first the lady behind deck said no phones have been turned in. Then she turned around and saw it sitting there. Steve was like yes that is Trevor's cell phone. He called me & told me they had phone. He said it is dead, it needs to be charged. So when they got home I went to charge it & it said not able to charge. Steve said lets take battery out & put back in and then try charging. Otherwise we will need to get his phone looked at at Verizon store. Steve took case off the phone, took back off the phone to get to the battery and guess what....... no battery. It was gone. Steve took cell phone in to youth center today to talk to the youth center about it. The director is who Steve talked too. She is the one who called Amy. She took all our info & took phone back too. She was going to check into things today. Director e-mailed Steve this morning. Wanting to know what day & time she had called our friend. So I called Amy & got that info. Director is trying to figure out did a kid go behind counter or was it one her staff or was it a cleaning person that night who stole the battery.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

First base house offered to us

We got offered a house on base last week. It was an old house on base. There are two elementary schools on base. The house would have NOT been in Trevor's school area. So Christina would have to drive Trevor to & from school each day. It was only like 2 miles, but still. Steve signed we would take the house. He started working on the details to move our self and make some money. He called base housing office to tell them we will move our self. They told Steve sorry we ran out money so we have no money to move you right now. It could be October or November till we get more money in. Steve & Christina went to a party on base that Friday night. Many people at party told us the house we signed for had flooding issues. The housing office never told us any of this info. Monday was a holiday. Tuesday Steve was already going to a housing meeting to learn the rules what we can and can't do. Steve told the guy what we heard the house we signed for had flooding issues. He told us we can pass on # 1 house we got offered. And stay in the # 2 slot on base housing list we were at. The people who are # 1 on waiting list we are on live off base too, but they are in a year lease on the house they rented. So they probably won't take a house on base till closer till they lease is up. We are hoping to get offered a base house in the area of Trevor's school. We will have to wait & see.